Finding Joy

In this year’s English Honors Seminar, we talked a lot about our pop-culture preoccupations—from Harry Potter and the MCU to anime, musical theater, and telenovelas—unabashedly celebrating and lovingly critiquing our fandoms. Inspired by the pleasure activism of Dr. Sami Schalk’s journey to #TwerkWithLizzo, our seminar embraced the idea that joy and scholarship need not be mutually exclusive. And certainly in these very difficult times, we need all the joy we can give and get. (Plus, pleasure is good for your immune system!)

To that end, please comment below and let us know what you’re watching, reading, listening to, playing, etc., to get you through these days. Share your own problematic faves and fandoms, or feel free to just post some funny memes, GIFs, or TikToks. Perhaps this can serve as an archive of pandemic pop-culture pleasures for our QC English community. And here’s to finding joy, however small and fleeting!