5 thoughts on “Zachary Schechter on “Archiving My Experiences and Thoughts on Archiving My Own Thoughts on Archiving””

  1. Awes9ms Job Zach. As a future archivist, i am in 100% agreement that everything needs to be archived so that sociological analysis of certain periods in history can have valid context and people can be looked at for who they really are and what they had to say at that time. The Internet archive and the Wayback Machine attempt to do this (all for free). Free access is the ultimate goal but I am saddened that wil no be the case under capitalistic standards. Great Job!!!

  2. What a wonderfully witty reflection on your honors thesis! I did not know of the Brautigan Library but am very glad you brought it to my attention. Who is and is not included in an archive is at once political and whimsical, subject to the popular appetites of a moment; archiving everything would provide a much richer understanding of a historical moment and it could very well give way to more honest discussions of how archiving happens (through particular kinds of exclusions). Thank you for this!

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