4 thoughts on “Vanessa Mangru on “I Now Pronounce You a Power Couple””

  1. Yours and Cara’s presentations work well together. I really enjoyed this and its true the relationship is super problematic but mainstream media spoon feeds us these images of toxic relationships as #couplegoals. great job!

  2. ^^ I agree with Reena! Fantastic job, Vanessa! Joker and Harley’s toxic relationship has not been thoroughly addressed—it’s so great that your thesis tackles these glorifications.

  3. Great job Vanessa!!! Very complex relationship for sure. What makes it more misogynistic is the fact that Harley, a former mental health professional could be portrayed in comics as falling for the Joker so easily….Def not a #MeToo moment here….

  4. Yes! Harley Quinn’s characterization is so emblematic (at least with respect to her relationship with Joker) of how popular media content mischaracterizes women as innate fools for love. Women are so desperate for male romantic recognition (at least heterosexual woman) in popular content that this repeated characterization invites women and men to perceive loving and love as a one way street. Thank you!

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