18 thoughts on “Vallaire Wallace on “The Possibilities and Problems of ‘Wakanda Forever’””

  1. I love everything about this so much!!!! I’ve literally been waiting for something like this to be written for my own personal enjoyment because I have pretty much all the same thoughts you do and there is so much informational benefit to this kind of research and viewing Black Panther this way. I can’t wait to read the whole thing!

    1. OMG Thank you Vanessa!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I totally agree, and hope a wave of Black Panther critical analysis begins soon <3

  2. 1. I feel personally attacked 2. In my defense: Michael B. Jordan!!! 3. You are a whole mood 4. I’m so in love with this and am so glad you decided to challenge this film and this movement. I feel like this encompasses our honors themes because boy is our fav problematic. I love this so much great job!

    1. LMFAOOOOO Reena! Part 2 of the thesis was hard because in your defense, you’re RIGHT! Thank you for watching!

  3. Good job!!! The idea of the paradox here is very compelling to the point where I ask myself, “Is Wakanda the beginning of the discussion or the end or somewhere in between? You could prob write a book on this. :).

  4. These are really thoughtful reflections on Black Panther, Vallaire. Your thoughts about Wakanda as a potentially problematic “pan-African” space are really interesting, and they made me wonder whether you’re aware of any responses–outside the U.S. context–the the film. It would be really interesting, I think, to know what the reception of a text like this has been in various African locations …

    And some time in the future it would be great to hear more about your thoughts on the Hunger Games!

    1. Thank you Professor Kruger! In my imaginary third part of my paper, I would have a more extended iteration of Black Panther’s reception globally, and the internet movements caused in its wake.

      Haha, I hope I have a space to share my Hunger Games thoughts one day. I’m rereading the series again now!

  5. I remember our convo during one of our QCV meetings when you were talking about Black Panther being your thesis topic and how excited I felt just hearing about the beginnings of it. This is so brilliant!! Your breaking down of the glorification of Killmonger is so well-articulated and well-argued. This is such a fantastic and engaging presentation!! P.S. can “Sticking on & Sticking in There” be our #HonorsOnPop motto?!

  6. Great job Val!! Makes me think about the film again and if Wakanda can be compared to pre-colonial Africa in any respects. At first I thought of Wakanda as posthuman but I’m not so sure now after hearing your arguments. Xenophobia to me is so complex. I’d love to read your paper one of these days.

  7. Yes! A fellow critic of Black Panther!!!!!! Black Panther is a film I loved when I watched it twice in theaters (don’t judge me) BUT it never sat well with for many of the reasons you outlined here. Keep working on this at a UVA and publish it in The Black Scholar, Calloloo or Meridans; it’s great!

  8. Val, this is amazing! I remember the end of fall semester reading the draft of your paper and knowing it was going to turn out brilliant. When I rewatch the movie I’ll have your thesis in mind, and all the points you raise about how our fave is indeed problematic. Great job! 🙂

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