18 thoughts on “Reena Alter on “My English Is Not Very Good Looking””

    1. I enjoyed this thoroughly. I love the way you walk us through your structure–and use video to liven things up. I learned a lot. There’s a real feeling of joyful curiosity here.

  1. Awesome presentation!!! I love the way you pointed out the subjective nature of language…Awesome job!! P.S. I love Celia Cruz too (along with Hector Lavoje)

  2. Reena, this is a great paper, and your presentation of it is perfect! I especially like your idea of finding “a third space of invention,” and the way you bring your ideas into conversation with Anzaldúa’s and Rosa’s. The kinds of question you raise, via Alvarez, are crucial ones in the current moment and also in the longer history of language. When I next teach the course on the history of English, I’ll be thinking of your presentation and returning to it for examples!

  3. Wonderful! I love your idea of “language-ful” and the insistence that there is creation and invention with loss that not only mitigates what’s lost but allows the loss of language to not exist as a loss. I thoroughly enjoyed how you expertly weaved together the personal and the analytical, showing how so much of analytical thinking and writing is affectively driven, emerging from a place of feeling that is immensely personal no matter how objective analytical thinking/writing is conceived. Great work!

  4. Reena, this is so-well articulated and a great deliverance of your brilliant thesis. Love your elucidations on “scrunchie.” Love your analysis of English being a
    form of hindrance and as enforcing of barriers & how assimilation begins first with language—here’s to the words that English could never contextualize.

  5. Love this, Reena! You perfectly articulate your thesis (and I now have a book to add to my reading list!) 🙂

  6. WOW Reena, this was beautifully done !! I loved hearing your thoughts + this video made me wish we had all been in one big honors class together so I could have heard your takes on EVERYTHING we discussed

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