10 thoughts on “Kaitlyn Heniges on “Evolutions of the Function of Female Appetite in Horror””

  1. I echo Reena…Def a wild ride. …Unfortunately in movies women in horror cannot be strong without being seen as sexualized. “Midsommar” is another example that Florence Pugh’s character becomes the way she did because she was a scorn woman.

  2. Kaitlyn, your video is beautifully put together! And your essay is thoughtful and perceptive, using feminist thinkers like Mulvey to develop a really persuasive argument about horror and female appetite. I especially like how you use the more recent work to suggest a movement beyond the classic tropes to something that might be less defined by misogyny and more attuned to female desire not viewed simply as a problem …

    I don’t know Ginger Snaps, but it seems really intriguing and I’ll search it out. Do you think it makes a difference to the film that it’s Canadian?

    Thanks for the thought-provoking presentation.

    1. Thank you! I highly recommend Ginger Snaps – regarding the fact that it is a Canadian film, I thought there might be something to Canadian culture that shaped this film a bit but I didn’t have time (or space in my paper) to explore that idea

  3. Wow! I’m not a big fan of horror films (I scare easy) but your presentation makes me want to delve in a bit more in the genre. More than that, your presentation has made me realize that my biggest discomfort with the horror genre on screen (at least) is how disposable women are in horror films. Thank you for helping me see that and for underscoring the central importance of the female appetite to how woman are presented on screen in horror films.

    1. Thank you! If you want to ease into horror I would recommend checking out some books before trying out movies – less jump scares (:

  4. I love your editing and your thesis topic! This is fantastically done. I will definitely be watching horror movies with your analytical lens from now on.

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