7 thoughts on “Julie Torres on “Decolonizing the Popular””

  1. me the entire time: but are we gonna talk about the ending? lmao i love this and I’ve never realized how disruptive the language can be. Great job Julie!

  2. You already know, I am a fan of your brilliant thesis!! This is a fantastic presentation. Love your slide “Tea.”

  3. Awesome job, Julie….The “popular” is unfortunately coupled with the desires of the “mob” (as the Romans put it). Hence the gladiator games of Ancient Rome where slaves were fed to lions and such. Great job!!!

  4. Yes! I love the idea of fan culture possessing the ability to decolonize the popular. I am particularly taken by your reading of the affective nature of conlangs and how they serve to reinforce the othering present in fictive period pieces like GOT. Wonderful work!

  5. I think the topic of invented languages is great–and it tells us a lot about how the inventors are thinking about their characters (and questions like othering).

    A book you might enjoy is the novel “Riddley Walker” by Russell Hoban. It’s a kind of post-apocalyptic fantasy, but it’s particularly interesting for the invented language in it (showing us what English might look like after a catastrophe and the loss of much of received culture).

  6. I LOVED this presentation. I never thought about how different Dothraki and Valyrian sound to the ear, but it is so interesting to think about how the less guttural/harsh tone of Valyrian establishes them as being “noble.” And the theme song in the background was perfect. Congrats! 🙂

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