6 thoughts on “Jimmie Shields on Postmodern Pop-Culture Aesthetics”

  1. Love Ghost World a lot. The scene at the beginning with Enid dancing to the Indian movie I think is very post-modern. Especially how Zwigoff pans across the other residences who have no context to the music being played. I’d like to read this one day. I’m a huge lover of post-modern, posthumanist texts. Naked Lunch is my bible basically. Great job.

  2. This is a really thoughtful essay about postmodernism and aesthetics, Jimmie. I listened to it right after seeing Kaitlyn’s presentation, and (especially around Buffy) there seem to be some nice overlaps. I wish we could hear the two of you in conversation on a panel!

    I really like how you use Jameson, and his theorizing seems to work really well with both Buffy and Ghost World, which, as you note, were both produced within a decade or so of Jameson’s publication of his book on Postmodernism. I’m wondering whether you see Jameson as still useful for very recent works of pop culture (e.g., memes, etc.). Do you think these are the same kinds of “reboot” and “revival” that he’s talking about or has the kind of acceleration the Internet makes possible moved us into another cultural realm than the one Jameson analyzed in his initial work on the postmodern? (I haven’t read Jameson’s most recent stuff–he’s a relentless publisher!–so maybe he’s addressed these changes himself …)

    Thanks again for a really thoughtful paper!

  3. So well-articulated, such a fantastic job! Boot the reboot (sometimes)! Definitely adding Ghost World & Buffy on my to-watch list.

  4. Excellent! I really appreciated your clear distillation of Jameson’s argument and how you carefully expressed the way you are bringing both texts in conversation with one and other. Very very thoughtful and thought provoking argument!

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