16 thoughts on “Amanda Long on “The Inheritance of Han, Dictation, and Healing””

  1. Absolutely incredible presentation. The way that you talked about the idea of Han and the way that it transcended spoken utterance was brilliant!!! So proud of you my friend!!!

  2. Your MIND….I am blown away every time! Love the usage of Saussure, I love seeing foundational theorists being used in newer, developing (and more diverse) ways!

  3. This is a really rich engagement with Dictee, Amanda! You negotiate so effectively back and forth between the historical, the theoretical (Saussure and Freud), and the close reading of the text. I like especially how you see both language and han as “non-material culture,” and use Saussure to think through how these might be transmitted as conventional parts of a culture.

  4. Excellent work! I first read Dictee in college and was blown away by its nuance, beauty and masterful critique of colonial power. Your presentation adds to my love of the text, as the care and attention you bring to the narrative with your analysis is quite remarkable. Thank you for bringing this amazing text back into the forefront of my mind and thank you for doing so with such precision and insight.

  5. Amanda, you are so talented! I love how you set up your presentation, and you do an amazing job of expressing your thesis in a clear and thought-provoking manner. Congratulations 🙂

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